Real life stories from covert players

"I came into this not really knowing what to expect. After ten weeks, I now find I am injecting more ‘play time’ and humor into my everyday life and people really respond well to that. I feel like I’m more creative and confident in general."
“The Art of Improvisation was an excellent course and became a highlight of our weeks. It was heaps of fun however it was also very applicable to real life. I noticed myself reflecting on it during the week and through it I was able to improve the way I relate to people and also develop my skills in thinking on the spot. Additionally, it was an awesome group of people to be with and I had a real blast.”
"If you want a great introduction to improv, this is the right class for you! Every teacher is a member of the group and you’ll definitely have a ton of fun learning how to improvise from them. All the scenes, drills and games we played strengthened us as improvisers and each week I looked forward to coming to class."
"The Art of improvisation course offers a great learning environment for learning how to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. Each tutor is able to make everyone feel at ease from the get go, so the atmosphere quickly takes on the form of long time buddies just playing around when it came to performing the tasks that we needed to do. Not only are you learning valuable skills such as being able to think on your feet, and being versatile, but you also get to meet and develop friendships with a bunch of really great people. If you’re looking for something to boost your confidence and have fun whilst doing it, I’d highly recommend this course because for me, it’s definitely been a fun ride!"