A Bard’s Tale – the greatest plays Shakespeare never wrote

The cast perform a full length play in the style of the greatest playwright that ever lived.

A Bards Tale_HR copy.jpg

“An impressive feat in improvised performance. Well worth a watch!”


“A unique, unexpected and uncanny show. This show is a testament to the clever and quick-witted talents of its players.”

Mac + Mae

“Spontaneous laughter that is pure and it’s bloody funny. This show is as good as any improv you’ll see in the modern world.”

The Speakeasy

Cast: Amanda Moore, CJ Le Mon, Daniel Moore, James Ting-Edwards, Mark Scott, Nik Edwards, Paul Paice, Phillip Rice and Wade Jackson

Associate Producer: James Ting-Edwards

Coconut Mojitos – fresh and delicious improv comedy

The cast gets one audience suggestion at the start of the show and that inspires a myriad of scenes for the whole performance.

Coconut2_HR copy.jpg

“The off-the-cuff set from the Covert Theatre was brilliant!”


“A playful and surprisingly refreshing hour of Kiwi theatre and humour. Cheers to the Coconut Mojitos for a brave and creative offering.”


Cast: Covert Players

C-Suite - all female, all funny

The Covert’s all female improv comedy troupe perform their free-wheeling brand of improv that is bold, irreverent and comedy gold. 


“The comedians made especially good use of running gags and continuity throughout the sweet one hour set.

The Speakeasy

Cast: Gill Berry, Narelle Jackson, Evie Ashton, Tamara Androsoff, Darcy Murray.

Associate Producer: Evie Ashton

Created by: Evie Ashton

Ding! - Part game show, part quiz show, part improv show & totally funny.

Two teams of two improvisers are put through their paces by Wade Jackson who hosts the show that doesn’t really know what it is. There are questions, there are challenges and there is nothing but epic improv moments. 


“The Improv Bandits are for anyone that wants to sit back relax and let the frivolities unfurl before them, safe in the knowledge that in the Improv Bandits hands humour will only bloom.

NZ Entertainment Podcast

Cast: The Improv Bandits & Special Guests

The Eliminator – there can be only one

Four improvisers direct each other in improvised scenes in the attempt to win the Oscar and avoid the Lemon. The winning director gets to eliminate the other directors.

The Eliminator_HR copy.jpg

“Slick, quick, genuine fun. The Improv Bandits are human Berocca.”


Cast: The Improv Bandits

Ferris Wheel – revolutionary comedy

A character-driven improvised comedy show set at the top of a Ferris Wheel. With separate storylines that revolve every 2-minutes it's kind of like Pulp Fiction but with a lot less blood. 

FerrisWheel_HR copy.jpg

“An ingeniously versatile premise… essentially delightful.”


Cast: Covert Players

The Improv Bandits – no scripts, no gimmicks, no safety net!

NZ’s most successful improvised comedy act who have delighted audiences around the world for over 21 years. Check them out at www.improvbandits.co.nz


“Improvised comedy at its hilarious best.”

Evening Post

“The Improv Bandits are fast, funny and top-notch humans.”

Colin Mochrie, Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Cast: Amy Davison, CJ Le Mon, Geoff Simmons, Greg Ward, James McLaughlin, Mark Scott, Michael Fletcher, Michael Robinson, Paul Paice, Steven Lyons, Tom Kane, Tony Gilbert and Wade Jackson

Instant Broadway – the improvised musical where every night is opening night

An entire musical theatre show is created on the spot. Yes, you read that right. All songs, music, characters and stories are 100% improvised


“Genuinely funny comedy.”


“Adroit manoeuvring at its finest .”

NZ Herald

Seriously good comedy, genuine side-splitting laughter. Extraordinarily great… gorgeous vocal work in seriously well-sung songs.

The Speakeasy

Cast: CJ Le Mon, Edith Fumarola, Evie Ashton, Gill Berry, Mark Scott, Mike Witt, Narelle Jackson, Nik Edwards, Paul Paice and Wade Jackson

Musical Director: Mark Bradley

Associate Producer: CJ Le Mon

Jester – fresh comedy every time

This is a fast and furious improv comedy show in the style of TV’s Whose Line Is It Anyway? Improvisers are called up to perform scenes, sagas and songs all based on the audience’s suggestions.

CovertImprovNight_2018_HR copy.jpg

“Sheer madcap wit and an energetic slapdash hour of fun.”


Come armed with your funny bone and some unique suggestions for the performers who are guaranteed to leave you grinning from ear to ear before the night is done.

NZ Entertainment Podcast

Cast: Covert Players

Jung & the Restless - the improvised soap opera

The improvised soap opera based on Jungian archetypes. Follow the constant going-ons at the Shadowlands Health Clinic - you won’t be disappointed!


Cast: Elly Ho, Evie Ashton, Gill Berry, Matias Avaca, Matty Blomfield, Phil Rice, Steve Robinson, Tamara Androsoff and Wade Jackson

Associate Producer: Phil Rice

Created by: Phil Rice & Wade Jackson


You’ve got to be sharp for this show! The improvisers weave a myriad of stories together, taking you the audience on multiple adventures at once. 

CoconutMojitos_HR copy.jpg

"Lively off-the-cuff theatre that is engaging and will leave you amazed at their quick thinking." 


Cast: Covert Players


Traffic Jam - the show that goes anywhere while going nowhere 

Join Darcy Murray and Wade Jackson as they sit stuck in a traffic jam. Enjoy the fun and drama of two people in one car.  


“Clever witty banter… the bravest comedy show you’ll ever see. Seeing this improv duo in action, you’ll swear that the show is scripted but every single moment is created on the spot. You must get on-board and take the ride.” 

The Speakeasy

Cast: Wade Jackson & Darcy Murray

Created by: Darcy Murray