Dates for 2019 Art of Improvisation workshops:

The Art of Improvisation runs the same program three times a year in Auckland.



Next Course:    
2 September – 11 Nov (no workshop on public holiday 28 October)




Improvisation is an art form that brings you closer to yourself as it elicits freedom of creative expression. It takes you out of your every day routine and imparts crucial life skills. It develops self-awareness by liberating your mind and body from past conditioning and bringing you into the present. Improvisation is the most fun way to create, discover and express your self.

The Art of Improvisation – the theatre of adventure

The Art of Improvisation is a ten-week course based in Auckland that teaches basic improv skills and performance technique. Learn the skills that are the most valuable tools any actor, writer, comedian or any person can possess. You don't have to be a performer to do this course. Awaken the creative artist within and discover that to improvise is to free yourself.

The Art of Improvisation develops narrative and story telling ability, physical awareness, spontaneity, detachment, focus, listening, communication, group skills and much more.

There are three courses a year with numbers strictly limited for the Monday evening workshops so book now to avoid disappointment. This is also the first step if you wish to join the Covert Theatre.

What those who did the 2018 courses say:

"I highly recommend the Covert Theatre Improv course to anyone who wants to better their communication skills and meet great new people. It is a safe space where you can learn that is alright to fail, in fact it is almost a requirement to help you get out of your own way, but most importantly it is FUN."

"Totally not what I was expecting. I felt like a inner child jump out of my adult body. It was a transformative 10 weeks where I got to see myself and other classmates grow and step outside our comfort zones. You’ll come out a new and more vibrant version of yourself!"

"I was recommended this course by a friend to help me with my social anxiety and shyness, and I believe that it really did make a difference. Also I had so much fun playing the games with great people and learned so much that it really interested me to learn more about the art form in order to become even better at it, and to try and get into actually performing improv on a regular basis, which as someone with almost no performing arts experience is a really incredible thing."

"I would recommend the Art of Improvisation to anyone wanting to push themselves creatively, get out of their comfort zones, develop life skills, become more mindful to the present moment and have a whole lot of fun meeting a diverse group of people and learning from some truly talented human beings.”