Our Purpose:
our reason for being

To celebrate the art of improvisation from grass roots to tall shoots.

Our Vision:
what we want to achieve

To perform world-class improvisation theatre.

To provide high quality training in the art of improvisation.

To provide a grassroots entry level and supportive environment for improvisers.

To bring more playfulness into the world.

Our Values:
what’s important to us

1. Community - It is a place of belonging. The theatre is inclusive, warm and inviting and you feel connected to something special when you walk in, whether you’re there to watch a performance or partake in a workshop or show.    

2. Playfulness - It’s a place of fun. The theatre is  a home for creativity where playfulness is personified and celebrated for people of all ages.

3. Quality - The Covert is a vibrant performing arts community for improvisers who wish to be a part of a world-class tribe. It’s a place of learning. A place for self-creation, self-discovery and self-expression; where you learn about yourself by playing with others.