Feedback from recent participants

“As we age the opportunities to explore new areas often lessens. We are more limited in our day to day lives as responsibilities grow and patterns of behaviour become more fixed. Attending the Art of Improv course gave me a chance to see if I could break free of the confines / expectations that limit me in my day to day life and rediscover the joy of complete spontaneity / freedom from expectation or judgement / being in the now and not worrying what might happen, but focus on what actually is. Did it do this - hell yes.”

Tim Sutton, doctor

“I found this course to be challenging and even intimidating at first but the reward is me being more confident in my own skin and being able to live in the moment and explore every day with all the other 7 billion improvisers on planet Earth. I have a strong desire to pursue improv through to the stage, and this has helped free me from my inner-critic allowing me to explore other creative outlets of personal interest.”

Calum McKay, student

“Improv is an art that should be recognized more as a way of life…at the end of the day we live our lives improvising all the time. However in doing so, we don’t follow the main rules of improv which make the difference – keep it simple, be inclusive and be bold!”

Manuela Klevisser, office manager

“I went in not knowing what to expect but ended up having terrific time exploring the world of improv. Fantastic teachers, relaxed environment, supportive group helped to acquire skills that are not only useful on stage but are easily transferrable into daily activities.”

Galina Redkina, marketing coordinator

“The last bastion of self consciousness is blown away by these classes. Give up looking good and get in there - being present is the main learning. Such an amazing lesson for life and true success.”

Alaine Tasker, speech language therapist

“The Art of Improv was an incredible experience that taught me confidence and boldness. After being sick for 2 years It was a wonderful way to through myself back into life whilst getting a huge confidence boosts and learning the importance of being present that not only is useful for the stage but for real life situations.”

Laura von Batenburg

“I signed up for this course consumed with both great excitement and paralysing terror. Both feelings were accurate but for someone that has never been into ‘this kind of thing’ I was stoked I made the choice to join in. I’d join the improv experience if you’re into an exceeding amount of fun, new skills and a healthy dose of re-prioritising the people around you. And from a professional learning facilitator, these guys are A+ instructors.”

Warren Mara, learning specialist