World-class improvised comedy

The Covert Theatre presents 3 seasons of world-class improvised comedy in May, August and November 2015.



Season 2: Covert Improv Night

Wednesday to Saturday

26 & 27 August
8.00pm    Covert Improv Night
$20 (full) / $15 (concession)

28 August
8.00pm    Ferris Wheel
$25 (full) / $20 (concession)

29 August
8.00pm    The Improv Bandits
$25 (full) / $20 (concession)

Season 3: Covert Improv Night


11 & 12 November
8.00pm    Covert Improv Night
$20 (full) / $15 (concession)

13 & 14 November
8.00pm    The Improv Bandits 18th Birthday show
$25 (full) / $20 (concession)



All shows are at the Musgrove Studio, Maidment Theatre located in the heart of Auckland at 8 Alfred St, City.



Phone: (09) 308 2383
Email: maidmentbooking@auckland.ac.nz
Website: www.maidment.auckland.ac.nz


Dates for 2015 Art of Improvisation workshops:

The Art of Improvisation runs three times a year.

Monday nights 6pm – 8pm  at the Sandringham Community Centre (18 Kitchener Rd, Sandringham).



Course 1:    
9 Feb – 20 April (no 6 April Easter Monday)

Course 2:    
22 June – 24 August

Course 3:    
31 August – 9 Nov (no 26 October Labour Day)


Improvisation is an art form that brings you closer to yourself as it elicits freedom of creative expression. It takes you out of your every day routine and imparts crucial life skills. It develops self-awareness by liberating your mind and body from past conditioning and bringing you into the present. Improvisation is the most fun way to create, discover and express your self.

The Art of Improvisation – the theatre of adventure

The Art of Improvisation is a ten-week course that teaches basic improv skills and performance technique. Learn the skills that are the most valuable tools any actor, writer, comedian or any person can possess. You don't have to be a performer to do this course. Awaken the creative artist within and discover that to improvise is to free yourself.

The Art of Improvisation develops narrative and story telling ability, physical awareness, spontaneity, detachment, focus, listening, communication, group skills and much more.

There are three courses a year with numbers strictly limited for the Monday evening workshops so book now to avoid disappointment. This is also the first step if you wish to join the Covert Theatre.

What others say about the course…

“Terrific course – fun, valuable, professional. Every session had something of value. The course was often the highlight of my week. I’ve had immediate application for a lot of the skills learnt in my job.”
Kelly Bree, adult educator

“By doing The Art of Improvisation course I have made life-long friends, opened up my imagination and built up my confidence. It has improved me as a person.”
Chris Cook, sales manager

“I learnt that improv is not about games – it‘s about living. The skill of being open and focused at the same time.”
Lara Phillips, advertising copy writer

“Fun, challenging, insightful; I wish that everyday life could be more like this course! Or maybe that’s actually half the point…”
Chris Davis, video editor

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Corporate Services


Improv develops your mental agility and creativity, communication skills, enhances your presence and ability to work better collaboratively with other team members. These are all crucial skills in business. 

Wade Jackson, Covert Theatre founder, can take your team and organisation to the next level.


The Covert Theatre is home to The Improv Bandits, your #1 choice in corporate entertainment.

Whatever the event – Office Parties, Conferences, Social Clubs, Product Launches, Presentations, Emceeing or something special for your company.

Wherever the event – local, national, international The Improv Bandits provide the leading edge in corporate entertainment and can add impact for your business.

They have performed for organisations such as NZ ALL Blacks, Fonterra, Carter Holt Harvey, IBM, ASB, Vodafone, Westpac, American Express, Yellow Pages, BNZ and many more.

Get more information on The Improv Bandits.