Our Mission:
our reason for being

From Grass roots to tall shoots

To produce and perform high quality improvisation theatre and provide a supportive environment for developing performing artists and showcasing world-class talent. 

Our Vision:
what we want to achieve

To create more fun, laughter and creativity in the community to help make a more vibrant and passionate world. 

The Covert Theatre started off as its own venue at 84 Karangahape Road in Auckland, New Zealand from April 2001 - 2005. The 50-seat venue with a fully licensed bar was the brainchild of Wade Jackson. It then shifted its productions for a short time to the Classic Comedy Bar until establishing itself at the Musgrove Studio at the Maidment Theatre.

The Players


Alessandra Nixon - Joined 2016

Alessandra is a writer and social media producer, a career she highly recommends to anyone who would like to get paid for playing on Facebook. She sees improv as a natural extension of her day job in which she excels in making it up as she goes along. Alessandra is very pale and a little bit awkward, with a talent for sarcasm


Alice Gatland - Joined 2013

Alice Gatland is a newsreader, engineer, and music school dropout. She runs interactive events and is famous for her elaborate birthday party games. Alice likes improv because it showcases the skills she has developed from a lifetime of being underprepared. 



Ambika Kumar - Joined 2016

Ambika has a case of early-onset mid-life-crisis, but is far too sensible to buy a sports car. She has instead wound up at the Covert exploring her creativity, the unknown and generally enjoying the ride.

CJ Le Mon - Joined 2011

CJ loves the sense of play with purpose that she gets from Improv.  She considers it a brilliant creative outlet and a great counterpoint to her day job. She marvels at how she learns something every time she steps into a workshop or onto the stage.

Daniel Moore - Joined 2015

Dan took up improv because he discovered, a few years ago, that  he had a serious problem: he spent too much time being too bloody serious. So something had to be done about it and improv was the medicine. Since taking up improv Dan is now only serious on Monday mornings and Thursday afternoon between 2 and 4.

Danni Taylor - Joined 2015

Danni has noticed that improv makes a good philosophy for life; be open to possibilities, be bold, and be present. Like life, Improv is unscripted, which suits a notorious procrastinator like Danni just fine. Danni is constantly amazed by the awesome, hilarious, and at times strange places improv (and life) can venture...

Darcy Murray - Joined 2015

Darcy, who also answers to Sarah, (who says you can't have 2 names?) gets lots of chances to make things up in her work as a builder. She highly values the chance to practice being present and in relationship, so she forces herself to do improv, which is often the highlight of her week.


Alaine Tasker - Joined 2015

Alaine got free tickets to nearly all the shows at the Maidment Theatre in 2009 as her daughter was working there as an usher. She found the Covert productions addictive, and attended these each year (second row in the middle) until finally couldn’t stand it any longer and enrolled in the classes in 2015. Now she’s loving being on stage rather than watching.

Galina Redkina - Joined 2015

Galina is a reader, procrastinator and movie watcher. Improv allows her to forget decency and not worry about hurting other people's feelings one show at a time. Her character is heavily influenced by the rigid discipline of Bikram yoga and the complete chaos of Improv, the combination of those two opposites helps her appear normal in her day job.

Georgia Sutton - Joined 2015

Georgia’s parents forced her to do the Covert’s improv course to keep her dad company. Yes. You read correctly. Her DAD! She’s very glad they did because it’s helped her with her confidence and to grow as a person. When it comes to performing on stage she love it to always give it her best shot and have fun. 

Gill Berry - Joined 2002

Gill performed in NZ’s first all female improv troupe show Femprov, which became Barbie is Dead in 2003 with shows in Auckland and Wellington. She became completely immersed in her job and neglected one of her true loves, performing improv. After a long break, she is back to exercise her funny-bone once again.  Of late her main audience has been a classroom of undiscerning five year olds. She is now relishing the chance to behave like one!

Hiroshi Nakatsuji - Joined 2010

Hiroshi is a native of Japan, a martial artist, and a librarian.  Trained as a theatre clown, Hiroshi brings his very physical, high-energy style to the improv scene. Improvisation is his coping mechanism to deal with the stress of raising two boys. He is a great dad. So he says.

James Ting-Edwards - Joined 2014

Having grown up across the road from where the Covert runs it workshops, James finally got in on the act. He loves philosophy, his wife Judy, and dropping computer game references on brother Nik. We’re pretty sure he’s not a Vulcan.

Jeff Cox - Joined 2010

Jeff has been a part of many shows over the years both as an improv comedian and musician. He has been a force of music adding a rich dimension to Private Dick and Instant Broadway – the Covert’s improv musical show. Jeff is a musician and writer, while also finding the time to work in I.T.

Kay Hammond - Joined 2011

Kay is a comedienne who is definitely not giving up her day job. She enjoys being mentally challenged and creating chaos. Improv allows her to live a life in which dignity is no object.

Keir Robertson - Joined 2001

Keir joined the Covert after graduating from South Seas film school. He played with the kids onstage for a few years before finding his niche doing lights and sound where he remains as a stalwart techo for most of the Covert shows since. Keir really relishes the chance to use his improv experience alongside the cast with light and sound, and from the techies box; enjoys the best and funniest view in the house.

Kerry McComish - Joined 2010

Kerry began her foray into acting after attending an Improv Bandits show, where she made the mistake of sitting in the front row. With no time for stage fright, she was pulled up onto the stage - and thought this is fun!  She joined Covert workshops the next day. Her only regret is she didn’t find these workshops sooner, as after all - she believes that girls just wanna have fun!

Kevin Barron - Joined 2013

Kevin found his way to the Covert through a mixture of acting, being Father Christmas at a department store and making things up on the spur of the moment during corporate presentations and training. When not working, he also writes novels, travel books and business guides.

Luke Stopford - Joined 2003

Half Irish, a wee bit of French, plenty of Kiwi and all crazy. Luke is a master of mayhem who delights in the dark side. He played the lead in ‘Private Dick’, the Covert’s long form film noir show debuting at the 2012 NZ International Comedy Festival. His ready wit and leading man looks balance his wooden acting beautifully.

Mandy Moore - Joined 2015

After dropping out of art school, living on fresh air as a painter, and being the back end of a business partnership, Mandy thrives in the company of Covert people. She adores the game of being fully present, connecting with fellow players, and discovering a story – it’s a thrilling ride and an inspiring metaphor for life!


Marcia Walker - Joined 2016

Marcia, better known as Mars, came to improv through the power of persuasion (aka veiled threats) from her husband and fellow Covert player, Luke Stopford. Marcia comes from a line of vocal Ngati Porou women, renowned for their loud voices and competitive debating. She sang for many years in a rock band, winning the top vocalist in the NZ battle of the bands competition some eons ago. Now she's back, taking off the towel once more for an encore.


Mike Witt - Joined 2015

Mike wondered if he'd taken the "step out of your comfort zone" idea a bit too far when he started doing improv, but now can't imagine life without it He is thrilled to be a part of this enthusiastic and fun group of people.


Mitchell Fissendon - Joined 2015



Narelle Jackson - Joined 2014

Narelle started off as a little performer and then lost her way.  20+ years later she has taken to the stage and it's loads of fun! She joined Covert to bring out her creative side and loves seeing what forms from nothing and getting to play and explore scenes with other adults.

Nicolas Mankiewitz - Joined 2016

Nic is originally from Argentina, doesn't know how to dance tango (yet) but found in improv, performance and acting, his type of art. Apart from his job in Market Research, he gives creativity courses in Universities and corporations and together with his wife, they are lighthouse chasers. They have visited almost 60 lighthouses across the world. 

Nik Edwards - Joined 2014

Nik lives by the maxim "Life is Improv". He’s at his best when he’s open to change, willing to go on a journey, and fully present in the moment. He reckons, what better way to hone this practice than being thrown into a snake pit or stranded on a desert island with a bunch of fantastic people?

Peter Allan - Joined 2015

After nearly 20 years of skydiving Peter was looking for a new way to get his kicks. Arriving in New Zealand from his native Scotland 6 years ago he tasted much of the adventure this country has to offer before recently discovering the wonderful world of the Covert. Peter loves the energy and teamwork of Improv. He reckons that stepping on to stage is like jumping out of an airplane and fellow players are like parachutes, but thankfully it's a lot more fun, and not nearly as messy when someone dies.

Phillip Rice - Joined 2016

Like all litigators Phillip is a failed actor.  When he’s not pretending to be cautious, serious and learned, Phillip defaults to his true self – a puerile 12 year old – adventurous, playful and irreverent.  Improv encourages these delinquent tendencies.

Pree Lecamwasam - Joined 2002

Pree's first foray into comedy was to be pulled up on to the stage by the MC's at a stand up comedy show and left to fend for himself. He considers it his improv debut. It didn't deter him from joining the Covert Theatre 2 months later where he started doing improv and found that he loved it. Pree is a Sri Lankan born Kiwi who loves to improvise in work, life and play. He truly believes laughter is the answer to life's problems.

Sam Holmes - Joined 2013

Sam immensely enjoys improvising with the Covert. He finds it makes a change from the day job where he sits at a computer writing code and is a great way to lose himself and be completely different person or three for the evening. He loves it but can’t speak on the audience’s behalf.

Sean Toland - Joined 2010

Sean joined up as part of a dare after seeing Covert Improv Night. He has found that improv suits his creative, random, playful side. His only terror is taking part in backwards scenes and interviews which fill him with an unholy dread which will not be washed away by holy water.

Steve Robinson.jpg

Steve Robinson - Joined 2016

Steve works in IT and got into improv to get out of his head. Others have said he's been out of his mind for years. Answers on the back of an envelope please....

Tamara Androsoff - Joined 2016

Tamara loves how improv allows her to play in ways that are not allowed when you’re supposed to be a grown up. Making something from nothing with a whole bunch of fantastic people is a total joy and feels suitably subversive in an increasingly distracted and disconnected world. Do improv. Save the world. 

Tim Sutton - Joined 2015

Having watched live improv on and off for many years Tim was inspired by The Improv Bandits to hop on stage and try performing. He loves the spontaneity of improv and the enthusiasm and energy with which his fellow players rise to meet the challenge of generating scenes, no matter how challenging the gauntlet laid down. 

Tina Wackrow - Joined 2016

Tina was part of the University of Auckland Comedy Club in the 1990s and was one of first lighting technicians for The Improv Bandits. After a long hiatus, she reignited the improv bug and loves breaking of the stifling chains of being an accountant by day, to be an improviser by night

Willie Ashton - Joined 2004

Willie is a master builder with his hands and also his mind. He built the Covert’s famous Ferris Wheel set and in 2014 attended the Loose Moose summer school in Canada. Willie finds improv gives him a greater perspective in dealing with life’s challenges and makes it more fun!